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Adoption Process

 1 - Choose a dog from the 'Our Dog' section.

 2 - Download & complete the application form.

(Or, you can complete a general application that is not attached to any specific  dog; we will do our best to match you with a suitable dog based on your interview.)

 3 - We will review your application to determine your eligibility.

 4 - If you are successful our adoption coordinator will contact you to conduct a phone / video  interview.

 5 - After completing the interview, We will then complete all necessary reference checks. (i.e. the veterinarian and/or other references you provided)

 6 - An approved adopter must sign the ARK standard adoption agreement, consent form and pay the adoption fee.


Once all formal documents are completed and payment is confirmed, the adoption coordinator will arrange the travel plan for the dog. The date of arrival is dependent on various factors.

We try to use flight volunteers whenever possible as this keeps cost of adoptions low, the down side to this is that we have no control over when the dog will fly. We have an average wait of 2-4weeks .You also have the choice to fly the dog cargo and chose exactly the time and date of arrival.

The adoption coordinator will let you know the confirmed travel date and time once it becomes available.

PICK UP PERSON INSTRUCTION "Please don't forget to prepare these things below"


1 - Scissors (The crates are tied with zip ties.. you will need to cut  the door open)

 2 - Wipes, tissue, plastic bag The crate might be dirty with poop or pee from                stress.

 3 - Drinking Water/ treats They might get thirsty when they land and are exposed to heat. We did not feed the dogs in the morning. If you are driving a long distance please do not give food until you arrive home.

 4 - Harness (bring multiple size if not sure of dogs size. You can always return            unused items to store for refund)


 5 - Leash

6 -  Your new dog is a high flight risk, please do not remove from crate until you are in a safe and secure location.

Please arrive at the airport to collect your dog one hour before the plane lands.

Please remember it takes time for your dog to get through customs. 



  Your now ready to collect your new family member from the airport Please remember to only remove the dog from his/her travel crate in a secure location. Your new baby will likely be scared in their new surroundings and could be a flight risk. Please do not open the door until you arrive in a safe room. (we suggest a bathroom) The dogs welfare is always our top priority; many of our rescued dogs were harmed either physically and/or emotionally in the past. The detailed processes & procedures are structured to ensure minimal negative impact/experience for the rescued dogs. We appreciate your understanding.

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