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Ark Animal Rescue

About Us


Ark Animal Rescue Korea is an organization partnered with activists and rescuers  in South Korea with the mission of ending the Dog and Cat Meat Trade. We fight on all levels.  ARK Animal Rescue Korea works with several different dog rescue groups & shelters in Korea. The dogs from our partners are rescued from the dog meat trade, euthanasia or being abandoned (which puts them at risk of ending up in the dog meat trade). Domestic adoption for this segment of dogs within Korea is very low if not impossible. ARK specializes in finding suitable forever homes for these dogs. We work with rescue partners in Europe, USA and Canada who are like minded people whose ultimate goal is to end the Dog and Cat Meat Trade world wide. We are active in protesting and rescue and although many of our dogs are rescued from the dog meat farms we also rescue from city and private shelters and the dog meat markets in Korea. We rescue from the streets and from the mountains before these abandoned babies are picked up and find themselves in the dog meat trade. Saving these individual dogs is not the answer and ultimately only  change  in the laws  will end the dog and cat meat trade. We support Korean activists who fight to end the DCMT on government levels.  We can not save them all but we will continue to save who we can. 

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Dog of the week 


Hi everyone! My name is Baron and my temporary home is at the Rainbow Sanctuary in South Korea. I was rescued from the dog meat trade and I have been training with Mr Ko. I have learned to be a very good boy. I really want to find a family of my own, to love me and I will love you lots and forever I promise. I can fly to USA, CAN and UK  Please help me! 

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